Gateway Popular Science - Introduction to G2 Gateway

Gateway Popular Science - Introduction to G2 Gateway - Geonfino

Everyday problems with normal locks

Protecting our home or office and the things we have in it is on our list of most important things. If we enter our home, we want to feel safe there, have full control over access to the place and enjoy our privacy. When leaving, we want to leave everything well closed, all the more reason not to allow strangers to enter, take care of our belongings and find everything in normal conditions when we return.

However, it is very common for us to live with uncertainty if the lock offers the security we need. Some common problems are mentioned in the following paragraph

List the trouble in life

Not sure whether to lock the door

It is very common if we live alone, leaving our house or apartment, and having the uncertainty if we close the door of our home, even reminder techniques are used such as writing down on our cell phone if we have locked our house or not.

Insecurity when others need to temporarily enter the house

It is something recurrent that other people need to enter our home and we are not there. We live in fear that third parties may enter without our authorization.

Trouble with opening the door when cooking or other

 It has been the case that we have had problems with the locks when carrying out an activity that requires our attention, be it cooking or having a barbecue.

Introduce the basic function of G2

G2 Smart Wifi

To avoid these types of mishaps, we have implemented a new system adapted to our smart locks, which bring the following benefits:

Remote Control

You can control your locks remotely, from anywhere. No longer limited to your bluetooth range, our G2 hub connects via Wifi to your lock and your phone, achieving true remote control.

Share, Change and delete the password anytime, anywhere

Our Geonfino WiFi Bridge is easy to set up and use. In just 3 simple steps, it can be paired and connected with your smart door lock within 2 minutes. You can then control the smart door lock anywhere via the TTlock App even if you are away from home. Please note that your smartphone and the gateway must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. And the gateway must within the signal range of the router.

Compatible with other devices

Our Geonfino WiFi gateway hub works with any keyless entry door locks that works with the TTLock App. You get to choose whichever smart lock you like. Our Bluetooth door locks and the Internet are connected through the WiFi Bridge to make their management more convenient for you, so that you can continue to live smarter.

Smart Wifi

Voice Control

Your voice is our command, literally. Our Smart Wi-Fi Gateway is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, making controlling your smart door locks as easy as saying open sesame. There is no limit to the number of paired devices, and one gateway can pair multiple smart door locks. Ideally no more than 10 devices.

View unlocks, door status and battery life

You can easily check the status of the G2 Gateway Hub by its LED indicator, which lets you know when it's working, if there's a network failure and whenit needs pairing.

Having it improves the quality of life

Once you have known all the benefits offered by the G2 Smart Wi-Fi Gateway, we invite you to learn more about our products, so that you can take action on the change of life offered by including smart locks in the life of each one of us.