GEONFINO On-site Installation Service

GEONFINO On-site Installation Service - Geonfino

Installing On site service experience

Hello, my name is Natalia, I am looking for a smart lock, I have seen many interesting brands on the internet, but one that catches my attention, that brand is GEONFINO, because it solves one of the biggest problems I have when deciding on one brand or another, the installation service.

I have been searching for quality products to replace my lock for several months now, I have seen that this brand has two models that caught my attention because of their features and customer support, in addition to including different procedures for the installation of the equipment.

In their page you can find the necessary information to perform the installation by yourself, as in the case of the following indications:
They have an explanatory video, which teaches you step by step how to perform the installation of the equipment, it is a very big differentiator, since it is one of the few brands I have seen that pay attention to details in such a way.
In addition to that, the package comes with instructions included so you can make the implementation to your home without any complications.

GEONFINO On site service

They have an additional on-site service, in which a specialized team is in charge of installing the GEONFINO devices in your home. From the reviews I have been reviewing, the installation service is 10 points. However, to make use of it, there are a series of prerequisites such as:
Make an appointment in advance, to coordinate schedules and avoid inconveniences.
Make the purchase of the GEONFINO smart lock, model G5 or G5 pro.

Updating the smart locks

GEONFINO Installing service

After a couple of weeks, I opted for the purchase and installation service. Everything went very quickly, within the week. And I can't be anything but pleased. So much so, that I have told my parents and friends about all the conveniences and benefits the smart lock brings me, so they have decided to implement it in their homes as well.
In case you want to know more about the service, here is the link where I found all the information about the installation of GEONFINO devices.