Geonfino Smart Lock - Amazing Christmas Gift for Your Family

Geonfino Smart Lock - Amazing Christmas Gift for Your Family - Geonfino


Here in most of US soil, Santa has some pretty harsh job on Christmas's Eve. Freezing weather, icy sidewalks, tons of snow. On top of that, we make a senior citizen climb to our rooftop? We have a better solution.

Have you met GEONFINO G5+G2 Smart Lock with Wi-Fi Gateway Set?

Our bestseller has everything your family needs and could give Santa a deserved break. With this smart lock, you have an amazing upgrade for your front door. Leave heavy keychains in the past, that jingling sound, it's only from Santa's bells on his sleigh.

With Geonfino's G5+G2 smart lock you have up to 6 different ways to open your door including passcode, eKeys, app control, voice control, and as well as RFID cards and physical keys entry. This may sound as a lot to handle, but let me show you some every day situations they come in handy:

  • Your teenager's curfew and New Year's Eve: We know how hard being a teenager's parent it's sometimes. We want them to enjoy and discover new things but, at the same time, teaching them limits and responsibilities. A simple way to doing it, and avoid those loud discussions, it's objectivity. With a smart lock like Geonfino G5 you can give your teen an exclusive passcode, in the TTLock app you'll have a log of all entries with time and passcode. Playing by the book and respecting the rules, it's more simple.

  • That special grocery's list: Our loved ones deserve only the best, and that in the holiday season means a warm and yummy meal. But having the time to shop enters a total different category. Thankfully now we have deliveries. Now that turkey belongs in the fridge, and you're in a Zoom meeting! You text the delivery guy to leave the turkey in the fridge for you and open the front door directly from your app.

  • Dinner Party: You love to trow Christmas Eve's dinner party? We have that solution for those early bird guests that arrive while you're still coking: “Alexa, open the front door”. Yes, simply as that, even if your hands are cover-up in turkey stuffing.

  • Santa's arrival: The most important functionality on this season. How wonderful would it be to include a special passcode for Santa? He could easily walk through the front door and leave the presents by the tree, rest for a few moments while warming up at the burning fireplace and eating some milk and cookies. That sounds great, ah? You can create an easy to remember code (yes, something like: 122422) that lasts only for that special night, and let him know on your kid's letter.

As you can see, GEONFINO G5+G2 Smart Lock with Wi-Fi Gateway Set it's the best way to change your holidays into something more special and magical for you and your family. Shop yours now! Click here


More Reasons for GEONFINO G5+G2 Smart Lock with Wi-Fi Gateway Set to be on your Christmas Present List

Reasons to buy it yourself


  • Door-to-Door Service: You don't need to leave your house to buy your new smart lock and have a smarter, safer home. You just follow 3 steps, easy as ABC:

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    • Add your very own GEONFINO G5+G2 Smart Lock with Wi-Fi Gateway Set to the cart.
    • Enter the discount code christmas1225 (you'll thank us latter) add your favorite pay method, and it's yours!!!
  • Free shipment: For all our US costumers, we have a pretty sweat deal. Buying and receiving it in 2 to 7 days TOTALLY FREE… isn't it dreamy? This is definitely a pro into buying your GEONFINO smart lock.
  • On-site Installation Service: Not quite a handy person? No worries, we have an installation service for you. You can choose to add this to your cart, and we'll take care of everything for you.
  • Easy install: Now you prefer to install your smart lock on your own? Previous customers have declared that it takes no longer than 40 minutes to install, follow our detailed instructions and that's it!
  • Warranty: We have your back, don't worry. If you have any doubts or problem, just contact our after sale service.
  • Enjoy Now: If you are the anxious type as we are, we know sometimes waiting to receive gifts is difficult, and let's face it, sometimes you don't get what you wanted. Cut to the chase, but it yourself, invest in something that's going to simplify and secure your family for years to come.

Reasons to wait it in a present

  • Loved Ones: Know that someone knows you deeply enough to understand that this could be something that will help your peace of mind


Ok, it's time for you to decide. But we think the decision it's very clear, don't wait any longer, make your house a smarter and safer house today.

GEONFINO G5+G2 Smart Lock with Wifi Gateway Set it's an amazing gift for your family. Shop now with 20% Code CHRISTMAS1225!