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Geonfino Smart Lock, Easier & Safer - Geonfino

Are you stuck waiting outside the gate door for a while until your friend or family member brings the keys to you? Have you ever considered a front door lock with a touch screen? Now is the time to install smart door locks.
We're here to show you how to make your life easier and safer. We are here proudly introducing you to the Geonfino smart door lockfeatures, functions, and for whom we think it is ideal.

What is a Smart Lock?

Smart locks are able to grant or deny access remotely through a mobile phone application. Users are also able to grant third-party access via a virtual key. Upon receipt of it, the recipient will be able to unlock the smart lock at a time specified by the sender. Many smart locks now also have biometric capabilities, such as fingerprint sensors. Biometrics are becoming increasingly popular as they use unique physical characteristics rather than stored information, so they provide more security than passwords alone.

Features of Smart Locks   

Smart Locks will track who enters and exits your home and when they do it. If someone enters your home without authorization, the app will record attempts to open the code door lock, and you'll know about it. Smart locks also have an automatic locking feature that automatically locks after the gate door has been closed for a period of time, so your home is protected even if you forget to lock it.

Compared to traditional locks, quality smart locks are made of stronger metal. In addition, hiding the key entry in the door improves the security index of the lock askeyless locks must be drilled or forcibly removed, which takes more time, even for experienced burglars. 

Smart locks also have a very attractive feature, which is convenience. You don't need to worry about forgetting your keys and not being able to open the door. Smart locks allow you to let guests get into your home with a temporary code. There's no need to look for your keys anymore, whether you are carrying an umbrella or having to carry groceries in your hand, you can easily unlock the door by using a fingerprint or a password. You can even use the voice control option of your smart lock to open the door. Most of the smart locks sold on the market today are simple to install, and you can refer to each product guide for specific installation requirements.

Different Ways of Unlocking Smart Locks
Fingerprint door locks fall under the category of biometric locks. As the name implies, these locks use biometric measurements to verify your identity and use them to authorize access. Biometric technology replaces the traditional key. This means fingerprint-based smart locks offer more convenience because you don't have to carry your keys around with you.
Generally, smart locks are equipped with a dummy code-unlocking function. By adding a random string of digits before and after the correct password, as long as there is a complete and unsplit correct password in the whole string, the password can be verified. The addition of random numbers before and after the correct password increases the overall length of the entered numbers so that others cannot remember the password at a glance. The dummy passwords added before and after the correct password can be changed at will, which in effect, increases the frequency of password changes. In this way, the real password is protected by the dummy password, improving the security of the real password.
3.IC Card
IC cards are assigned as needed. Suppose you have an elderly or child at home who cannot remember the password or have fingerprint recognition difficulties. In that case, you can allocate the IC card to them, and if the card is lost, you can delete it in time at the management end to ensure security.
4.Mechanical Key
As a smart lock, the mechanical key is used to open the lock as a backup option. The lock hole is usually hidden at the bottom of the gate lock. However, it should be reminded that the mechanical key should not be placed at home, so the spare key cannot be used when needed.
5.App Control
Enjoy full control with the Smart Lock Management App. When your friends, guests, or employees need access to your home, apartment, or office, you can share an electronic key or password for them to use without you having to physically be there and open the door for them. The app also allows you to view a real-time record of who entered and when - to create a secure and intelligent life for you.

The Smart Lock of Geonfino

1.Trustable Protection
Our smart locks are perfect for those looking for high security, trustworthiness, and simple applications to protect their property. Moreover, Geonfino's locks are not expensive; you can experience trustworthy protection at an affordable price. We also offer free shipping within the United States.
By choosing and installing a smart lock, you will experience high security because this lock is a simple and secure solution to protect your property and home. Geonfino is equipped with a hacker-proof lock cylinder made of zinc alloy. Also, it is suitable for harsh environments (IP65 waterproof), ensuring durability and high security.

2.Easy Installation
What is your door made of? By choosing these locks, you may be concerned about securing them to old doors. Don't worry; our keyless locks are mainly suitable for exterior, interior, and even wooden doors as long as you have doors that comply with US standards. (The door thickness is from 40 mm to 50 mm, and the deadbolt only fits the depth of 60 mm or 70 mm.) The installation can be completed in 15 minutes after confirming whether the door will open to the left or right. We also offer in-home after-sales service to solve your installation problems. Using these locking systems is easy and convenient. Don't forget to check our User Guide and User Instructions for more details before completing your order.

3.Long Working Life
If you are worried about the power consumption of the smart door lock, don't worry! The Geonfino electronic smart door lock is equipped with 4 new AA batteries, which can support 8,000 unlocking/locking times (about 12 months). When the smart lock battery is low, the screen will light up and beep to remind you to replace the battery in time. The battery status can also be monitored on the app.

smart lock

For whom

·Imagine you are rushing to come back home or to get to the office, at those times, it's hard to look for your keys in your bag or pocket or realize you don't have a key. With the Smart Lock, you can easily open your door with your fingerprint, passcode or mobile app without even having to leave your shopping bag on the floor.

·Have you ever encountered such a situation: the items placed inside the bag or your bag itself is scratched by the key. A keyless door lock can be a perfect solution to this problem.

·Before having a smart door lock, many people worried about friends or family visiting temporarily, and no one was home. Even if you are not there, you can set an effective short-term code to open the front door for visitors quickly. In addition, the Bluetooth door lock can be connected to your smartphone, allowing you to open the front door lock remotely.

·Whether you are a vacation home owner, cleaning, or a dog walking service customer, smart locks can make everyone's life easier. Smart locks eliminate the risk of someone sweeping the key from under your doormat.

·Smart locks are also ideal for people who want to create a smart home. When connecting to the smart home ecosystem, the smart door lock is the first step into your smart home. You can use your phone to control your door, and even with a gateway, you can enable the use of voice control.

·If you have active children at home, smart door locks are also ideal to have. You can check the real-time log to know whether your kids are out or not.

We tried our best to introduce the smart door locks to you and some of their features and functions. The smart door lock will record every time the lock is opened and closed and the remote control feature is also one of the most exciting benefits of smart door locks.

You can choose any of the smart door lock types mentioned above for a more secure home and business. You must consider the thickness and material of your gate door and pick the best door lock that suits your home or office.