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Halloween Security Guide - Geonfino

Monsters, witches, and goblins - oh my! Halloween is almost here, and it's time to turn your home into a haunted house. Use Geonfino's smart locks to help create the atmosphere and keep your loved ones safe. If you have young children, Halloween should be one of their favorite nights of the year. Your kids can dress up and go meet all the neighbors with their buddies. Then come back with a basket full of candy. To make sure your night of trick-or-treating is happy and safe, keep the monsters and ghosts out with a keyless lock. You can set a routine that allows the door to lock automatically behind you. This means you don't have to worry about unwanted visitors entering your home every time you open the door to hand out candy. You can also unlock the door from anywhere in the house through your phone.

Follow the steps below to Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!
Adults' Halloween
1. Invite Friends - Invite your friends to come over and make jack-o'-lanterns. You can open the door for them on your phone via TTLock or use Alexa Voice Unlock, so you don't have to open the door for your friends as often.
2. Hang Jack-o-lanterns in the Windows - If you're brave enough, you can put jack-o-lantern rows on both sides of the sidewalk. It's fun to make your own lights! Carving your own jack-o-lantern may make a mess, but the process is fun. All you have to do is hollow out a pumpkin, draw the face, and follow the outline. Then put small candles or LED lights inside, and they can be used as Halloween Street lights.
3. Prepare Candy - Prepare as much as possible, and you can't anticipate how many kids will come knocking on your door. Control your electrinic door locks by using TTLock, so you don't have to open the gate door by turning the handle every time. It's also a little joy for the kids to open the front door automatically after knocking. You may also want to have some change on hand. Since the 1950s, UNICEF has started a Halloween program that allows children to ask for change on Halloween and collect it to help other children in need around the world. If a child comes to your house holding a small orange box, chances are they are here to raise money for the project.
4. Prepare for a Halloween Eve party - You can host a Halloween Costume Party at home. Some props, such as fake bones and dry ice, can be used to decorate your home and create a Halloween atmosphere. When your friends come to your house dressed as various virtual or real characters, wearing fancy costumes. As they knock on the door, you may need time to identify if it's someone you know so strangers don´t get into your home. Simply provide your friends with a temporary or one-time password with our smart locks! This way, you won't have to deal with a situation where your friends' makeup mimics other characters so realistically that you can't recognize them without opening the door in time.
5. Welcome to the kids knocking at your door - This is to make sure there are the right lights, music, costumes, and candy ready to go. You can use Alexa Voice Unlock to do a magic trick for the kids! Just place the candy at the door and call Alexa to open your door. The kids will definitely be thrilled to see the door open automatically with the candy right behind it. If you run out of candy, you can turn the lights off. This will politely inform the children behind you that your family's Halloween market is closed. Check the front door is locked via the mobile app. After all, you've opened and closed the door so many times throughout the night that you may have forgotten if it was locked. Then you can rest without worries.
6. Don't want to be disturbed
If you're afraid of the Halloween atmosphere or lots of kids coming knocking on your door and being pranked, just lock the door and turn off the lights!

Kids' Halloween
1. Prepare a new Halloween costume every year - You can go to several stores to find your children's favorite one. If you can't find what you want in a physical store, you can also try buying it online.
If you have a needle and thread on hand, you can prepare an exclusive costume for your child. The more decorations you prepare, the better the dress-up will be.
2. Carve a pumpkin - One of the Halloween traditions in the United States is to carve a pumpkin. Go to a nearby farm or supermarket and choose a pumpkin for your child. Invite your children's friends to come and carve a spooky face, a friendly face, or any other pattern for the pumpkin. You can also keep the pumpkin dug up and bake it for your kids to share. Unlock the door with Alexa voice control or a mobile app, so you can focus on cooking or doing your own thing without distractions.
3. Celebrate the holiday with friends and family - Halloween isn't just a scary holiday. Get together with friends and family the night before Halloween, watch a scary movie, and eat some salty snacks (because the kids will eat chocolate for the next two weeks). Have your kids find some fun in the area where you live. Maybe there's a legendary haunted house or pumpkin farm in a nearby community. Of course, to be safe, you can check the time your kids leave and return home by using the Geonfino smart door lock's open/close record.
4. Go trick-or-treating - Let your kids dress up in their Halloween costumes and team up with their friends to join the wizards and ghosts! But remember, only go to houses that are lit up and decorated. In these homes, there are people who celebrate Halloween and who will give the candies that the kids want.
Using Geonfino Smart Lock, children can simply use their IC card or smartphone to get themselves back home. And if their costume doesn't have a pocket? They can enter a code on the lock's access panel for keyless entry or use their fingerprint to open the door. So, you don't have to worry about them getting locked out.

Use Smart Locks to Experience a Smart Life
Come and use Geonfino smart locks to make this Halloween more enjoyable with your family and friends. We are offering a 10% discount during the Halloween season. You can choose our products according to your priorities. 

Happy Halloween!