Smart Lock popular Science - Introduction to G5 Pro

Smart Lock popular Science - Introduction to G5 Pro - Geonfino

Smart Locks are widely used

Nowadays, it is very common to see houses that are closely related to home automation, integrating new systems in which one can have control from their mobile phone, such is the case of smart locks. The convenience of keyless entry combined with the security of controlling access to your home from a smartphone, alone or as part of a smart home system, makes smart locks a great home security upgrade.

Electronic or smart locks have been on the market for some time and are becoming more common in modern homes. These, as a general rule, facilitate the opening and closing of our doors, in addition to giving some more possibilities, and even not worrying about carrying the keys with us.

Advantages and disadvantages of smart locks on the market

Before seeing what are the advantages that smart locks offer when implementing them in our home, we have to see which is the lock that best suits us. There are different kinds of locks, which may have the following technologies:

Fingerprint Lock

There are smart locks that have this security system, which show the following information:


  • Greater ease and convenience to unlock the smart lock
  • Only registered user can open the lock


  • If your hands are wet, the process of detecting the fingerprint may take longer.

Applicable People

  • It is applicable for independent people, modern parents, geeks.


  • There are locks that can only be unlocked with a password, which present the following information:


  • Anyone who has the password can enter the address.


  • Less control over access to our home.
  • Process more delinquent than the fingerprint.

Applicable People

  • Older people who prefer the use of passwords, people who live with many people at home.

Introduce G5 Pro

 As the main gadget, we present the new G5 Pro, it is a smart lock that has both fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking, in addition to other benefits that we will tell you about right away.

G5 Pro fingerprint

 Unlock Methods

With fingerprint unlock

This is the only model that has fingerprint unlocking, which makes it a more versatile smart lock with greater benefits.

With password Unlock

It also has the possibility of a password unlock, showing a screen with the right size to be able to enter it without straining your eyes.

With Bluetooth Unlock

Unlock Methods Bluetooth is for a fast and safe unlocking, which works using the TTLock application that helps generate remote passwords and keep records, so you have all the control from your mobile device.

With IC Card Unlock

The G5 Pro includes a card that allows the opening of the smart lock, only by bringing it closer to the lock

Spare key

In addition, it comes with a reserve key for any emergency or technical problems that the lock may present.

Applicable people for G5 Pro

Smart locks are applicable for the following people:

  • People passionate about home automation
  • Geek people.
  • big families.
  • Independent people.
  • People who want to implement a smart home.

Finally, Encourage everyone to buy G5 Pro

GEONFINO G5 Pro Packed

After seeing the benefits, we encourage you to try a new way of living, where you can have control of your home from your mobile device, you can see more about the G5 Pro here.