Must-Have Checklist for Black Friday &Cyber Monday

Must-Have Checklist for Black Friday &Cyber Monday - Geonfino

Hi there my favorite reader, and welcome back to a new blog. If you have not done your Black Friday or Cyber Monday checklist it appears that I have arrived on time. And if you already have it then I am sorry but you might have to make some changes to it after reading this. 

I have come to talk to you about a device that has to be in it, something that will make your life easier and that will be really useful but first I have to make some questions for you. 

Has it ever happened to you that you went out in a hurry and you forgot your keys? And you did not notice until you headed back home and well you could not open your door for obvious reasons. From my experience, I would say that there is nothing that I dislike the most than having to wait for someone to come and open the door for me for many reasons. 

First, you have to wait outside and the time of waiting will always depend on the person that will come to help you get back inside your house.

Second, in some way you are disturbing the one that is coming to your aid because maybe he or she had something more important to do and will be late for it just because you forgot your keys. 

And last but not least, what would happen if you leave alone? I mean it is not just the bother but also the money you will spend on a locksmith because he is the only one qualified to open your door. 

Well, none of this would be a problem if you would just have installed a smart door lock. I mean it is 2022 regular keys are a thing of the past and you should update this. 

Luckily for you, my friends from GEONFINO have come to save the day, that is right they have the best offer for black Friday so you can get one of their amazing smart locks. 

These are really amazing and once you finish reading this blog, I bet you will be going to get yours.

First and one of the best features of the GEONFINO G4 Pro Smart Door Lock is that you can easily unlock your door by using your fingerprint. 

Just imagine how cool is that, you invite someone over and that person will be amazed when she or he sees that you just put your finger on the lock and this one opens. 

Now we know that you can hurt your finger and you might be wondering what would happen if because of it the door lock does not recognize you. Well, there are many other cool ways to open it.

Like with a passcode, for example, you can choose many different types of passcodes using the door lock app on your smartphone. You will always have the master key, but if there is any need of having someone go to your house while you are not there you can easily set a temporary passcode to let that person in. 

So yes, your house will always be safe and no one would be able to get in unless you allow it. 

How cool is that? Don`t worry this is only one feature of the door lock.

If you have picky neighbors that are always watching you when you arrive or go out and you feel like they might see your code while you enter it don`t worry. GEONFINO smart locks have applied smart technology in this part, you can enter random digits before entering your real password keeping you safe from those peeping neighbors. 

Now you might be wondering if you will need a locksmith to come and install it for you. 

Well, that won`t be necessary since the smart lock is designed to be installed in fifteen minutes by anyone. You don’t need to be a pro to install it, it is as easy as watching a video where you will find the indications step by step to do it yourself.

If you want to install it in your house on your front door and you are afraid that when it rains it might get broken, well, worry not my friend this smart door lock has a waterproof design so you can use it anywhere. 

And last but not least, let’s talk about the working life of this amazing device. 

Since it is designed for daily use it comes whit a battery that will not need to be changed in about a year or so. So don’t worry about it and if you want to know how much charge you have left you can always check the app for this information. 

Then may I ask, what are you waiting for to add it to your top black Friday list? GEONFINO will have amazing offers over their best smart door locks so wait no more and go get yours.