My GEONFINO Smart Lock case in the rental apartment

My GEONFINO  Smart Lock case in the rental apartment - Geonfino

My name is Mario, I am an architect and I have been living in a rental service apartment for the past 2 years in a small city in California. My experience in the city has been pleasant, but I was always insecure about leaving my apartment when I went out to do my daily activities.

All my insecurities with taking care of my home ended the moment I implemented a smart lock in the rented apartment. But you may ask, what kind of insecurities did I have? Here I will tell you a little bit about my tenants.

They leave home early every day, even before me, so I heard the routine problems they have when they leave home, which can be summarized in, "where did they leave the key!", "don't forget to lock the door", "I can't go home if there is no one to open the door for me", "They knocked on the door and we don't know who it was".



After several months of hearing the same problem over and over again, I recommended that they replace their old lock with a smart lock, just as I had done.
To this day, my tenants are still thanking me for that recommendation, as their problems with the house are over.

Tenant satisfaction

Now everyone in their home has access with their fingerprint or their own password, and they can control all movements from their cell phones.
They implemented the same type of lock that I had, the GEONFINO G5 pro. We are very happy to have made this decision, as it gives us peace of mind and confidence, which we did not have before, due to the type of activities that the tenants and I do.

GEONFINO Smart Lock Case


I highly recommend the products in your store, where you have two types of really interesting models, which are the G5 and G5 pro. What is the main difference? It is the fingerprint on the G5 pro, a feature that helps me quite a bit because I am a bit of an impatient person, and I like to get into my home as soon as possible, without any extra hassle.
I have also seen that they have a gadget, which allows you to integrate more than one device with your cell phone.

In summary, GEONFINO is a store that has products of exceptional quality, providing the security you need at home and gives you the possibility of being able to monitor everything that happens in your home all day long.