Own a Vacation Rental? You Should Get a Smart Lock.

Own a Vacation Rental? You Should Get a Smart Lock. - Geonfino

You made a great investment. People are traveling more and more again after 2020s pandemic. Statistics have shown that most people now prefers vacations rentals over hotels. With remote work, leisure and work travels are a real possibility for families and vacation rentals are the perfect solution.

But now, what do you need to make it work? We are going to help you set up your vacation rental in the most efficient way.

The Upper Side

lovely winter vacation rental

Great rentability and the possibility of a second home in a touristic area. Those are the main benefits of owning a vacation rental. Let's drill down on this, getting that flat was hard work: saving the money, talking to the bank, making every payment. You choose a beautiful unit, that view, those spaces. But It needed furniture, so you bought everything to make a home out of those walls, so when your guest arrives they would feel comfortable, safe and could enjoy a nice and deserved break from daily routine.

You are simply at the right time, in the right moment. People now pick vacation rentals over hotels because they offer a space to enjoy each other's company outside the confines of a traditional hotel room, combined with extended weekends facilitated by continued remote work. In the long-run they are cheaper, and they offer a healthier plan for family travelers, they have more control over expenses.

With all this in mind, you have a chance to recover and gain money from your investment.

And why not having a stable place in that destination you love to relax yourself and your loved ones. A change of scenery can do the soul wonders, even if the destination is only an hour or two from home.

The Big Downside

Vacation rentals aren't as simple as it may seem, this investment has expenses and some hard work as a side dish.

Similar to what happens when we offer our house for a dinner party, receiving people at home means prepare the house, in this case this is a little more complex.

You must assure the people that are staying at your house have what they need in terms of kitchenware, bathroom supplies, and others. From buying a TV for the living room to a soup spoon.

The second thing you need to assure is the house cleaning conditions. Everything needs to be perfect, with a nice clean smell. This means that after each visitor, you'll have to deeply clean out the entire house or flat.

The average stay is from 3 to 5 days, that means that in a month you'll probably have to clean up to 6 times. And see that they have the keys when they arrive. This is an all other subject, think about time different distances, different departure times… you can set up a “check-in hour” but you must show flexibility.

Your guests are going to appreciate a nice, minimalistic decor with full appliances and impeccable cleanliness, but above all they're going to appreciate being safe and sound in a strange city.

Everything is not so easy now, right? Well, we have the perfect solution to many of these downsides. A smart lock. Simple, secure, and smart has the ability to help you turn your investment into a success.

The solution

A smart lock for your vacation rental solves many problems at once, and gives you and your guest the peace of mind and safety you need.

Any smart lock? Well we have our favorite: GEONFINO G5 Keyless Entry Door Lock with Bluetooth & App

Bluetooth + APP Keyless Control. The Keyless Entry Door Lock is not internet required. You can control your Electronic Keypad Deadbolt via Bluetooth to unlock quickly, stably, and safely. With TT Lock APP you can generate timed, permanent, one-time, or custom passwords for guests, friends, and tenants, granting them access to specific dates. You can also check the records about unlocking in real-time via APP. Creating a secure, smart life for you.

Use Geonfino G5 in your vacation rental

Let's dive into the details:

  1. The cleaning help: With our smart lock in your rental home, you can give access to the cleaning help from your work or home without the need of trusting the keys to unknown people. You can also check the logs to make sure how much time have they spent in the task and check if they left when they we're supposed to. TTlock is right there in your phone ready to help.

  2. The late check-in: Give your guests the flexibility to arrive whenever they want without having to open the house for them. Simply sent them a custom code before they arrive. You can also place an end date in that code as a safety measure for everyone.

  3. Safety first: This Deadbolt Door Lock has an IP65 weatherproof rating, working temperature range: -22 °F (-5.56 °C) ~ 131 °F, and can withstand extreme weather, suitable for outdoor daily use. The Electronic Keypad Deadbolt has a long battery life, with 4 AA new batteries can provide 8000 times unlocking (about 12 months). The Smart Door Lock has a low battery alert function. You also can check the battery power on the APP to remind yourself to replace the battery.

So now you now, your rental can be smarter, safer and comfortable with GEONFINO G5 Keyless Entry Door Lock with Bluetooth & App shop yours now with a 20% OFF using the code GEONFINO20