Thanksgiving- The Best Gift for Parents

Thanksgiving- The Best Gift for Parents - Geonfino

 Thanksgiving is coming up and I know you are looking for gift options. Well, this time I am going to give you an excellent option for your loved ones. Besides being a perfect gift, also think about your family's safety.

I'm talking about smart locks. The new alternative to protect your home. They have been on the market for a while. They make it easy to open and close doors. But they also have various other functionalities and attributes. That is why in Geonfino you can find the best proposals for gifts.


What is a Smart Lock?

A smart door lock is the logical evolution of traditional locks. Far from what we can believe, these types of closures are analog to Internet connectivity. Smart locks expand how we can open or close a door. It is not necessary to have a physical key since we can open it from the mobile. In addition, we can do it from the door itself or several kilometers away.

Geonfino smart door locks have different opening methods. You don't need to choose just one to configure. You can have all of them and you can choose the one you like the most to open or close your door. 

Why Choosing a Smart Door Lock as a Gift?

As we previously said, smart locks are an excellent option to "smartsize" your home. They have many advantages and attributes that make them the best option to give to your parents or the people you love. Below, we show you some of them to make your decision to obtain them easier.

Multiple Ways to Unlock – Geonfino locks can be unlocked via the app. This allows you to authorize entry to whomever you want without the need to find yourself in the place. On the other hand, we have the access code. This is a unique code to enter by entering it in the numerals. This code can be assigned to all members of your household, and each can choose their favorite password.

Then there is the IC card, which as well as the code can be held by the person you decide. It is a quick option to open the lock with a single approach. Finally, there is the smart key. Don't worry about blackouts or power outages. The key bails you out and allows you to open and close traditionally, but with a hidden lock.

Bluetooth + APP Keyless Control- Great news is that the front door lock does not require internet. You can control the smart lock via Bluetooth or the TT Lock App. In this, you can generate timed passwords for a more controlled entry. You can also generate permanent passwords for those who live with you. Customize a password for a guest, friend, or tenant. Best of all you can decide on fixed entry dates.

Using the application, you can have absolute control of all the entrances and exits to your home. This is very useful for the elderly and their safety. Because if they don't remember if they closed the door correctly, they can do it through the app or ask someone to do it for them. In this way, you will have more security and peace of mind.

Smart & Secure Deadbolt Lock- The virtual password design allows it not to be spied on. Securely enter the code without fear of third parties observing it. It has an incorrect input limit that turns off after 5 failed attempts. The touch screen has an LED light that facilitates visibility in the dark.

Durable & Solid Quality – Geonfino smart door locks have an IP65 classification for waterproof resistance. Do not worry that it is exposed to extreme weather conditions. Its temperature range is between -22°F to 131°F. Therefore, it is designed for outdoor use as well. It has a long-lasting battery that reaches up to 8,000 unlocks, and 12 months of continuous use. By entering the application, you can also check the status of the battery and its correct operation.

Easy Installation & Quality Promise- The smart lock is very easy to install. No drilling is needed and you can do it yourself. You only need to verify that the dimensions of your door match the requirements. Its instruction manual is very easy and friendly to follow. It also has a video for a better and more detailed explanation. In addition, the company provides 24/7 online service and a 12-month quality guarantee.

As you can see this smart lock is a much-needed innovation for your home. It is the perfect gift for your parents. Think that they will never have to go back to the house to check if they closed the door properly. They will never have to worry about forgetting their keys inside. Much less put their safety at risk by looking for the key in their bag or pocket.

By purchasing a smart lock you are not just leaping into a Smart life. You also leap to a safe, calm, modern, and stable life. What are you waiting for?