Which Geonfino Smart Lock is perfect for your family. The ultimate guide.

Which Geonfino Smart Lock is perfect for your family. The ultimate guide. - Geonfino

Smart devices are part of our daily lives. And one of the most amazing possibilities they offer is redefining the smallest and most unexpected things. We always assumed that a door and a lock would be the best we would have to access our houses. Well, technology has spun the wheel once more. Now, how to choose from all the options available? We have created this guide to help you!

First, do you need a Smart Lock? - Features that are in all smart lock devices.

This one, it's an easy one. YES! You may not be sure yet, but a Smart door lock it's going to change your routine for the better. As head of a family, we always worry about the safety of our loved ones, and that can become a heavy burden. A smart lock gives you that peace of mind that you require alongside with that technology that welcomes you into a more smart, leaner life.

You have to know that, do smart locks have many features that may work as a better fit for your needs, there are some features that revolutionize your day to day making your home safer:

  • High Security: It adopts an in-line structure, with a high-security lock cylinder. No more fears of violent unlocking and hacking.

  • Easy to Install: Just with a screwdriver, follow the instructions or videos to install this Digital Door Lock easily.

  • Smart & Secure: It is designed to avoid being spied on. After 5 unsuccessful attempts, the lock will shut down for 5 mins.

  • Durable & Solid Quality: The door lock can withstand extreme weather, making it suitable for outdoor daily use.

  • Autolock: You can set 60s auto-lock and conduct a comprehensive management to the keypad door lock. You can no longer worry about leaving the front door unlocked.

So, the question it's not buying a smart lock or not. The real question it's which is better for my family.

What should you consider when choosing your smart lock?

Now it's time to talk about those game changers. We show you the features that all these devices share in common, but what differentiates them?

Here's the list you must pay attention to, and we took the liberty of recommend you with our favorite's picks for each case:

Your family

Think with us, What's your family composition?

If you have kids, you have to combine practicality with security. Misplacements and forgetfulness are in the order of the day. As parents, we know kids. They go out, play for a while, then they go back inside to have some water or some snack. Then back outside to play, but wait!, they forgot their favorite toy so back inside, and we could keep this all day right?.

A fingerprint door entry is a great choice for your home. A safe, unlosable and unique key, for your little ones. The safest way to give your kids freedom and self empowerment without risk.

If your elders live with you, smart devices may seem tricky, that's why to keep the traditions it's a great idea. Most of all smart locks have emergency keys. Give the elders the traditional key, knowing that in case of forgetting locking the door, the auto lock system will have you covered.

We recommend you think about a device that has multiple open possibilities. That's why GEONFINO G5 Pro Fingerprint Keyless Door Lock with Bluetooth & App it's a great match for your home. A 6-in-1 Keyless Entry Door Lock from the traditional keys to your fingerprint, combines everything you need to give your family safety and comfort.

The Smart Deadbolt Door Lock recognizes your fingerprint in just 0.5 seconds, and unlocks your smart door lock in just 1 second. Our Electronic Keypad Door Lock meets the daily unlocking needs of your family, choose the unlock ways as you like. Gone are the days of fumbling for keys.

Remote access

If you have to leave your house for work, we know getting things done at distance if a great idea. From that grocery's delivery, to the dog walker, or the cleaning lady if you could give them access from your office things will be easier right?

Codes a great way to provide access to regular people that visit your house like the dog walker or the maid, but the delivery guys are never the same! So how could we solve this? Remote access. Make sure your smart lock have access to your Wi-Fi network and your mobile becomes your savior. When the guy comes to your door and calls you, you can easily open the app and unlock the door, also control the time he stays there and lock afterward.

Also, keep in mind that if your smart locks it's connected to your Wi-Fi you can have Voice Control with Alexa, a pragmatic solution while you're in the shower and someone arrives, or you're busy cooking.

Your perfect match is GEONFINO G5+G2 Smart Lock with Wifi Gateway Set. It works making life smarter. Unlock, lock or check the unlocking records anywhere. Additionally, you are also allowed to remotely view the unlock record, or modify/delete a certain password. Acting as a bridge between your home WiFi network and the deadbolt smart lock, the gateway blocks the possibility of being hacked.


Let's not forget style. Most of us want to match in style our smart lock with our front door, and sometimes that's tricky.

Consider whether your smart locks come in different color variants to blend in with your front door for that classy, modern touch. And keep this in mind it's not just the deadbolt, you might need to change to a smart lock with handle to make that complete perfect upgrade.

Our GEONFINO G4 Pro Smart Keyless Entry Fingerprint Door Lock with Handle has what you need, and it fits in your door regardless if it opens to the left or to the right.

Also we have recently added silver colored variants for our bestsellers G5 and G5Pro, check them out and give your home a new style at the same time your making it safer and comfortable for your loved ones.

Now you have everything you need to choose your smart lock. SHOP NOW! And upgrade your front door to give your family pace of mind and practicality.