Why a Smart Lock is the Key Ingredient in your Home Security

Why a Smart Lock is the Key Ingredient in your Home Security - Geonfino

Our generation it’s marked with one word: Speed. That means our lives are busier than ever, always seeking that life-work balance, trying to keep everything in order at the same time as a juggler with a bunch of balls in the air.

Being at the office all day, then having to meet other social and personal activities, makes make it back at the same time your kids an impossible task at sometimes. That means that every moment you spent away of your house you are worried about the protection of your family.

That’s when a home security system becomes an ally. You may be able to physically be there but, you can still watch your place and check what is happening.

What Should You Buy to Have a Good Home Security System?

Security cameras, doorbell cameras, nanny cams, sensors and automations. As you search the web with this topic you can find a lot of recommendations on what would be the most reliable and necessary gear to protect your house.

There are plenty of affordable DIY home security systems out there. They're designed to be easy to install, and most allow you to mix and match cameras, keypads, entry sensors and more for a completely customized security setup that's affordable and optimized for your home.

Most of the experts agree a good home security system should have:

  • Security cams for outdoors

  • Entry sensors in every door

  • Alarm system

And we are going to add our personal favorite, a Smart Lock. Why? We will show you later but first let’s review important characteristics a home security system should have.

Keys to a Good Home Security System

Hardware of software, when creating a DIY home security system, you must consider a series of useful features that make it modern and sturdy:

A good power system plus a backup power in case of power outages: You need to be secure under any circumstance. That’s why having a wired only equipment it’s simply not enough.

  • Network security monitoring: Remote access is the possibility to be present even if you are away, so monitoring it’s a great way to keep things controlled and being peace minded everywhere.

  • Local processing and storage: The cloud it’s a great idea always but having a local storage it’s a great backup in case of loosing connectivity, gives you access to records every time you need.

  • Police partnerships: Some equipment have the possibility to connect with the local police force in case of emergency. They can now you are in trouble and come to assist you with a signal from your home security system.

  • User-Friendly Controls: From just buttons to a screen full of options. Technology has change the way we interact with our security systems giving us simpler interfaces and more functionalities at the same time.

A smart solution for your home security is now a great idea to get remote access and an enhanced monitoring and communication with what’s happening at your home. A smart system provides better security and energy savings.

That’s one of the reasons why just a door lock won’t be enough, imagine your home wired up but your old deadbolt, it’s a good system but completely vulnerable.

The Key Ingredient: A Smart Lock

A smart lock gives you the missing piece in your home security system. A smart way of upgrade your home safety. Back in the days the solution for a safer door was to add dead lock and locks 3 or 4 different keys in the same door to make sure nothing unwanted would get through. Now we have a smarter way.

Installing a trusted Wi-Fi smart Wi-Fi deadbolt lock to build your home's smart security system can help a lot. As a smart lock field expert, GEONFINO, with its top guns, has been dedicated to R&D and designing smart locks with high-security and user-friendly performance. Compared with a normal keyless door lock, this Wi-Fi smart lock is equipped with a gateway to allow remote control from anywhere and voice control with Alexa.

A smart door lock connected to a gate way like our GEONFINO G5+G2 SET gives you:

  • CONTROL – Remote access and connection with Alexa Unlock, lock or check the unlocking records anywhere. You can generate up to 200 passcodes with different validity periods and send them to your families, friends, dog walker, or housekeeper. The Smart Deadbolt can help better protect your house and property

  • SECURITY – Adopt in-line structure design, with high-security level lock cylinder, no fear of violent unlocking and hacking. In addition, the virtual password design of the Digital Door Lock prevents the password from being snooped. Our Deadbolt Smart Lock also has a variety of abnormal and timely alarm functions to truly protect the safety of the family. With Auto-lock it will lock automatically and support virtual code for random digits to avoid anti-peeping.

  • DURABILITY – With an anti-hack lock cylinder and made of Zinc alloy, it withstands any condition for durability and high security. Also to its zinc alloy components has an IP65 waterproof, this keyless entry door lock is safer and firmer, and can greatly stand daily wear and tear.

Now you know, your home security system has to have a GENFINO SMART LOCK - Shop yours!