Why You Should Have Smart Door Lock In Your House

Why You Should Have Smart Door Lock In Your House - Geonfino

Home security has become a major issue today, and people are looking for technologically advanced tools to protect their homes from intruders, burglars, and other serious problems. Would you believe it if we told you that more than 4,500 burglaries occur every day in the United States? That seems like a lot, but unfortunately, it's true. That means that more than 1.6 million homeowners will experience this type of incident each year, resulting in property damage, financial loss, and potential harm to their families.

How do we, as homeowners, deal with this type of situation? How can we process it so we can take the best possible care of our loved ones and property? The risks are growing with millions of Americans sheltering in place. American unemployment rates have soared to the highest levels in nearly a century. The scarcity of opportunity and resources brings with it the danger of desperation. Crime rates are bound to increase in response. So, what should we do? In this blog, we are going to help to clarify doubts.

Safety and Security Around Your House
It has been reported that more than 1/3 of burglars can simply turn a knob and walk right into a home. That's right! In many cases, a regular old front door lock is like an unlocked door. It can easily be opened by a burglar. The traditional lock to smart lock upgrade will enable you to have complete control over your home, no matter where you are. This is why you need a trustworthy smart lock.
1. Stay Safe
No matter which of Geonfino's keyless door lock products you choose, you'll experience our reliable auto-lock feature. Even if you get into the habit of locking your doors behind you and have a good memory, no one is perfect. In daily life, children need attention, you may have a lot of things on your hands, and there are times when you need to carry some groceries. The possibility of closing the door and forgetting to turn the bolt is very high. It may seem like a minor feature, but enabling auto-lock on one of our smart door lock solutions can minimize your vulnerability. Even if you forget to lock the door, Geonfino won't!
2. Remote Access - Anytime, Anywhere
Another major upgrade when you choose from our line of smart locks is the ability to lock or unlock your door from anywhere. With the TTLock mobile app, you can grant access to friends or family even when you're not at home. Smart door locks will give you another layer of convenience and more peace of mind.
Ask yourself: Is your gate door locked? If so, can you really be sure? Did the kids go out to play and forget to lock it on the way back? Did your family take the trash out and leave it unlocked? With the remote lock/unlock feature of our products G5+G2, you can answer these questions with 100% certainty.
As an expert in smart locks, GEONFINO, with its top technology, has been developing and designing keyless locks with high security and user-friendly performance. Compared with ordinary keyless locks, this product, G5+G2, is not only remotely controlled from anywhere but also voice-controlled via Alexa. You don't have to move or open the door yourself; you can do it with voice commands. Our G2 gateway acts as a bridge between your home Wi-Fi network and the Latch electronic lock, and it stops the possibility of being hacked.
So, we insist that a smar-tlock solution is essential. Let's keep talking about home security and destroying burglary statistics for safer communities.

About Geonfino
Geonfino is a technology brand that focuses on smart and safe life security. We are engaged in developing, designing, producing, and selling smart locks and alarm systems. We have adopted advanced technology to make the keyless entry door lock tamper-proof to enhance overall home security. When it comes to the design, it has a very modern and minimalist shape and is made of a high-quality zinc alloy, making it durable and rust-proof.
Our brand has a long history of exclusive research and development patents and technologies, founded in 1994. Our company aims to be the benchmark in home security, adding smart and innovative devices to the market and providing total protection for your home.
As an expert in the field of smart security, we have been committed to developing, designing, producing, and selling stylish, user-friendly, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly smart security with the best technology.
Geonfino also offers a 30-day refund guarantee and a one-year warranty, with a 24-hour after-sales staff to answer your questions. If you live in the United States, you will get free shipping.

Keyless Solution of Smart Door Locks
Smart door locks are adding a positive aspect to the home security ecosystem. Living in this technologically advanced era, we can't deny that we are faced with a variety of problems.
Fortunately, technology has solutions. A keyless ecosystem will always be considered the most significant benefit. If you lose your keys, you will have to put in a lot of effort to get into your house, which can leave you in trouble. Smart door locking systems are the perfect alternative to traditional door- locking systems. Smart door locks follow a keyless ecosystem, which means you don't have to carry your keys with you. The entire locking and unlocking system can be done anytime and anywhere by using the internet.

Living in an era where people are looking for a busy lifestyle while worrying about home security, Geonfino's products can be your ideal companion. In addition, you will get a mobile application TTLock, through which you can control the entire lock system remotely. Our G4 Pro, G5 Pro, G5, and G5+G2 can all be controlled by using the app for front door locks. If you want remote control, then you can choose the G5+G2 or add the G2 gateway so that you can control the lock via TTLock even when you are far away from home.

Bringing Smart Lock with a Home Security System
At this point, you have understood the important elements of a smart door lock. Now, the question is why you should choose Geonfino. When it comes to personal security, it makes sense to take a few precautions to protect your home and protect your family. By taking steps such as installing smart locks, security cameras, etc., into your comprehensive security system, you can rest ease whether you are at home, at work, or enjoying your vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Amazon page of Geonfino immediately and get smart door locks for your home.