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The keyboard does not work.

1. Check the integrity of the connection cable and see if the pin of the motherboard holder is crooked.

2. Check whether the battery is connected backwards, whether the battery cell in the battery box is complete, if the battery cell is incomplete, can be judged as a missing battery cell, please contact customer service to return the product.

No wheel grinding of working teeth.

1. Strictly follow the installation steps to ensure the correct installation.

2. Try electronic unlocking to see if the lock is sticking out smoothly.

3. Try mechanical unlocking and see if the lock is sticking out smoothly.

4. Remove the rear panel from the door, power it on and try to unlock it to see if the knob turns.

APP cannot pair to connect to the lock.

1.Restore factory settings or try to connect using another phone.

2.The distance between the phone and the lock should not exceed 10 meters.

How to restore the factory setting?

For G5/G5 Pro

For G4 Pro